Monday, March 5, 2012

women in weddings: the organization

What is Women In Weddings?

Founded in 2010, Women In Weddings is an organization of Utah's top wedding vendors which provides an easy way for local industry professionals (women and men) to get together in a fun, low-key networking environment. We felt there was a need for more opportunities for vendors to get to know each other on a personal basis - a way for all of us to get to know the people and the faces behind the companies.

Who founded Women In Weddings?

Melissa Nickle (Blossom Sweet) and Audrey O'Brien (Studio Stems) are the co-founders of Women In Weddings. Melissa and Audrey are both passionate about improving the field we are all a part of, so they put together each event as a service to the industry and receive no compensation for doing so.

Who is invited to the luncheons?

Are you a local wedding professional? You're invited. Although the name may suggest that this is a "girls-only club," men are more than welcome and have been in attendance at all of our luncheons. We chose the name "Women in Weddings" simply because ours is an industry predominately made up of women. If you would like to come to our luncheons, please contact us. We'd love to have you.

Where and how often does the organization meet?

Twice a year we host luncheons at various venues in the state. We chose to do this on a semi-annual basis because we are all busy people! We feel that meeting just twice a year provides good opportunities for networking without being too much of a time commitment on our industrious attendees.

What happens at the luncheons?

Our events begin and end with mingling, but in between, you can expect a delicious meal and a 20-30 minute presentation by a local professional. The presentation topics vary from event to event.

Who sponsors Women In Weddings?

Each event has a group of different sponsors hand-picked by Melissa and Audrey. Being an event sponsor is a fantastic way to "show your stuff" and get your name out to other professionals who could potentially refer you to clients. The sponsors provide their services on a complimentary basis. Be sure to thank the sponsors who work hard to make each event spectacular!

How much does it cost to attend, and what am I paying for?

The cost of each luncheon varies according to venue, menu, etc. You can plan to pay around $50 to attend. Your money is going toward paying for your meal as well as paying for any costs incurred for items which were not provided by sponsors.

Twitter and Facebook:

You can keep track of the latest happenings with Women in Weddings by "liking" our Official Facebook Page and following us on Twitter (@womeninweddings). Of course you can always check the blog for updates as well.

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